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we’re never the same woman we were yesterday.

we transform. we shift. we grow.

we bring the light.

You are Lukka,bringer of the light.



we believe in quality over quantity, community growth and inclusion, and sustainable production practices for the earth and our employees. from the beginning, our vision was to create beautiful, versatile clothing  using only the highest quality fabric - while saving water and minimizing pollution and waste. 



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11 million tons of textiles are trashed every year in the United States 

We practice slow fashion - quality pieces that you'll actually want to hang up in your closet rather than leave in a ball on your bedroom floor. 

20% of the worlds industrial water pollution is due to textile dying and treatment methods, ruining entire eco-systems in places like Indonesia, India, and China

Say what?! This was our main reason for focusing on dead stock fabrics. We're doing our part to cut back on this pollution by using textiles that are already made. 


Every single one of our pieces is made entirely of up-cycled / deadstock fabric.

What does this mean? It means we don’t order our fabric in bulk from mass textile factories around the world. We dig, find and collect textiles that are normally forgotten about in warehouses right in Los Angeles. 

 On each of our products listed on the website, you will find the weight of each piece. We use this weight to keep track of how we are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint by keeping textiles in your closet and out of the landfill.


We work closely with our production team to minimize waste of our fabrics during cutting, sewing and finishing. Every extra piece of fabric is used to create our reusable Lukka drawstring bags. No hangtags (they're annoying anyways) and no plastic bags.